Poppy Red Polyester Tulle

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Poppy Red Polyester tulle made in China. This is a vibrant red Polyester tulle.  Best used for tutu's, decorative and all sorts of projects that requires a medium to light drape.  This product is soft and light weight.  

Measurements: 1 yard is equal to 36in x approximately 60in 

Tulle products  are made from China, the company is OKEO-TEX certified which makes their products free from harmful substances.

 I will try to ship same day but can take up to 3 days processing before shipping item.

Orders are shipped the next day after processing!

Our product cuts may be 0.5-1 inch more than the regular measurement for customer satisfaction, these are hand cut, a very slight imperfection in cuts may be expected, but will not affect product quality in any way.  All efforts are made to ensure the highest possible quality and service is delivered.  Should you happen to accidentally receive a flaw  or have questions, please email or contact us on Facebook.  thank you for your consideration. 


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