Vinyl Rolls

This collection is for everything Vinyl only.

All Vinyl are sold in 18"x44" or 18"x54" rolls depending on manufacturer specifications for stock items/designs.

Backing can either be available in woven or fuzzy cotton backed.

Pricing varies depending on type of vinyl.


Please read before purchase:

Mojo Sews (Mojo's Loom Knits, LLC) is not liable for lost, stolen or damaged packages after hand off to courier company.  

Route insurance is available at a small cost to insure your packages (they offer reimbursement or same product send off through our website once approved.)

Route insurance is available as an "automatic purchase," should you uncheck the box and opt out of it, will result in no to little insurance available.  This is offered as a peace of mind to the buyers and some security for your packages.


Thank you for shopping with us!

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